RFM is run by a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) named as Grameen Purvadhar Janachetana Samaj, Rautahat translated in English as Rural Infrastructure Peoples' Awareness Society of Rautahat.

District Administration Office Rautahat Registration No. 1087/063/064

Social Welfare Council Registration No. 22095/063/064

Ministry of Information and Communication Registration No. 267/063/064


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Executive Board
Executive member of the Company


Founding ideologist of Rautahat FM, Mr Jha had a career in teaching who later joined the Communist Party of Nepal United Marxist Lenninist (CPN UML) and served long years as an active party member and was Self Assigned Secretary to the then Secretary-General Mr Madhav Kumar Nepal. Mr Jha is currently a ticket holder from sectro no 1 of Rautahat district from the same political party. However besides his political career, Mr Jha is highly devoted social worker and community partner as well hailing into several forums and journalism. Mr Jha is also a central member of Media division in CPN UML.


Professionally A Computer Engineer, Mr Mishra has a small business in Kathmandu. Mr Mishra is also a co-founder of Rautahat FM and currently assumes the chair of Station Manager as well for Rautahat FM. A dedicated journalist on the otherhand of his regular computer and tech savvy profession, Mr Mishra is often found indulged in community development and social service programs run by the Grameen Purbadhar janaChetana Samaj, the umbrella NGO that runs Rautahat FM 90.8 Mhz


Anju Jha -Secretary Matsari-4, Rautahat, cab be avible at 05552048. is age of 39, works as a Teacher


Saraswati Devi - Treasurer Gaur 5, Rautahat, cab be reach at 055520015.is age of 36,works as a Farmer


Bibekanand Jha - Member Matsari 4, Rautahat, cab be communicate at 9857620319, is age of 40,works as Overseer.


Bindu Chaudhary - Member Pipara 4, Rautahat, can be communicated at 9845059036 is age of 42, works as a Farmer


Pushpa Kumari Shrivastava - Member Auraiya 1, Rautahat is age of 33 works as a Farmer


Welcome to Radio Rautahat FM 90.8 MHz
"The Voice of Mid Terai" and "Own Language Own Voice".

Rautahat FM 90.8 MHz (RFM) is a community Radio Station based in the city Gaur, head quarter of Rautahat District of Nepal. As is its name RFM is a broadcasting station in Frequency Modulation wave form at 90.8 MHz with a maximum transmission power of 500 watts.

RFM is run by a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) named as Grameen Purvadhar Janachetana Samaj, Rautahat translated in English as Rural Infrastructure Peoples' Awareness Society of Rautahat. Though under the umbrella of an NGO, RFM is automous and is run by an executive committee selected by the NGO. As natural RFM does not distribute its profit to its umbrella NGO and all the profit remains in account for the development of the RFM itself as well as for the social welfare and various awareness programs run by the NGO.

For contacting us, Please go to contact Us link. For Technical details Please go to the Technical link. For the list of the executive committee follow Executive link. Thank You.

This is your very own Radio Station's website. Here you will be able to see the program schedule, who we are, what we do, how we do, how can you benefit from us, how can we help you advertise through our Radio Station, our technical overview, our executive personnels, our Radio Jockeys (RJs) and a lot more.


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Technical information
Our Radio Station has following Technical information.

Name of Station Rautahat FM 90.8 MHz
Address Vidyapati Nagar, Gaur-5, Rautahat, Nepal
Phone No. +977-55-520015
Fax +977-55-521365
Name of Station Manager Utpal Mishra

Broadcasting License No.



FM 267/063/064

2064-03-10 BS 2007-06-24 AD

Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Information and Communication

Equipment License No.




2064-03-10 BS 2007-06-24

Freq. Mgmt. Dept. Ministry of Info. and Comm.

Broadcast Frequency Frequency Modulation (FM) 90.8 Mega Hertz (MHz)
Geographic Location

26deg42min North / 85deg18min East

77m above sea level

Broadcasting Strength 500 Watts
Test Transmission Date 2064-11-23 BS 2008-03-06 AD
Full Transmission Date 2065-01-16 BS 2008-04-28 AD
Duration of Transmission 18 Hours Daily
Lincensee Firm/Organization Grameen Purvadhar janachetana Samaj, Rautahat

Organization Registration No.




2063-12-22 BS 2007-04-05 AD

Govt. of Nepal, District Administration Office, Rautahat

Taxation registration Permanent A/c No (PAN)




2064-03-19 BS 2007-07-03

Inland Revenue Office, Simara, Bara, Nepal.

Type of Licensee Firm/Organization Non Profit Non Governmental Organization
Total Board Members 7
Electoral Date 2063-12-10 BS 2007-03-24 AD

Organization Affiliation No.




2063-12-27 BS 2007-04-10 AD

Social Welfare Council, Lainchaur, Kathmandu, Nepal


Available Equipments
We have following Available Equipments to operate radio station.

Name of Equipment Type/Model Quantity
Reference Transmitter OMB EM25 DIG+G 1
Broadcast Amplifier OMB AM-500 2
Antenna OMB MP-1 6
Tower Quadripod 85+23 ft 1
Antenna Cable Andrew Heliax Foam 7/8" 50 m
UPS S Power Online 5 kVA 1
Battery 100 AH Exide Express 15
Generator Diesel Pump 8 kVA 1
Mixer 12 & 6 Channels 4
Studio On Air + Production 1+2
Air Conditioners 1 Ton 4
Voltage Stabilizers 25+10+3kVA 1+1+2
Telephone Hybrid 2 line Conf. AXEL 2
Micrphone Behringer C-1 2
Microphone Behringer 3
Computers P4s and Core Duos 8
Voice Recorders Zoom, Sony, Flash Mic 2+1+2